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Why Afzal Guru is alive?
April, 16, 2009

BJP: The Government is irresponsible. Afzal Guru was sentenced to death for the attack on Parliament in Delhi by the Supreme Court. Why are they not executing him?

Congress(I): The BJP is soft on Afzal Guru. We don't want him hanged. Keeping him alive makes him more miserable. If executed he will become a martyr. And he will be rewarded with 72 virgins up there in heaven. We want to deny him the 72 virgins and an abode in heaven

BJP: Thank you Congi. I think we were silly in raising the question about his martyrdom. We didn't think your way. You are great.

Vote for 'experienced' Congi
April 20, 2009

Public: How is the Congi an experiended party to lead the country?

Congi: Have you forgotten how Vajpayee could not last for more than 13 days when he first formed a Government. If they had any experience they should have learnt and emulated Congi Rao Government that paid money to some Jharkand MPs to buy support and sustain the Government for full 5 years. BJP is a poor learner. If further proof of our experience is needed go back to July, 2008. We got support from a party by making their leader a state Chief Minister for just 13 days, never mind his past of accepting bribe and murder conviction. The Congi PM and Congi President should be awarded Bharat Rattlers award for that achievement. You should be chanting "Ji Hazoor'' or our new slogan "Jai Ho'" whenever you see the top two-some.




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