Glaxo and Pfizer drug companies corruption

Funny Political Cartoons - Pictures of Indian Government

President of India
UPA Holidays.
Which is best Career.
Smoking is good for Politicians Wealth.
Smoking is good for Politicians Wealth.
Consider Your Work is Done.
Take care of your Wealth.
To Hell with the Aaam Aadmi.
Khurshid taking Oath as Minister
Montek Singh
Mr. Rs. 32-a-day. A God's Gift to India
Kapil Sibal
UPA II Police
Montek Singh
Lokpal Bill???
Akhilesh Yadav
2012 - UP CM
Montek and poor
Planning Commission
Politicians' Food
Don't Vote
Share Loot
For Children
Move, You
Indira's Emergency
Congi Family-2012
Rich and Poor
Congi Helper
India Shining
India is not corrupt?
Ask Bapu
Politicians searching votes
Bribe Voters
Bribe Voters
Who is bigger, where?
Bhrashtachar Corruption
Incompetent but tail-wagging
Incompetent? But tail-wagging
Subverting India
Incompetent but tail-wagging
Keepo Quito
Pickle of India
Incompetent but tail-wagging
National Animal
Government Food
Incompetent but tail-wagging
Rape of India
Waste Basket
Congi Tytler


"Real Funny and true too"

By Satya, on Thursday, 10.11.12 @ 03:05am

"100% for Congress Party."

By Sumit, on Saturday, 10.20.12 @ 00:55am

"by good & funny "

By sudhir, on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 03:42am

"very very good cartoon.its happens only in india"

By manoj dabas, on Friday, 09.27.13 @ 20:59pm

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"please some more images"

By NB, on Sunday, 08.31.14 @ 10:14am

"Very funny"

By Darshan, on Sunday, 10.26.14 @ 07:45am

"Very funny"

By Darshan, on Sunday, 10.26.14 @ 07:46am

"Very funny"

By Darshan, on Sunday, 10.26.14 @ 07:46am


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